another flimsy finish!!!

i am full force into my T.O.D. mission and finished up another UFO.

this was a in-pices UFO sitting on the shelf for a while....i didn't have a Halloween quilt mostly because i didn't ever really like the Halloween fabrics on the market. then i found this cute little group.  i lucked out and found a current fabric for the outer border that fits in perfectly...
i was hoping to get it done by this Halloween, but i'll have it for next year and getting it done feels good- deadline met or not!

i'm trading quilting with another LAer. i want a specific design on it- Spiderwebs in purple thread by Munnich Designs. it's a computerized design and she has a computerized machine. i'll freemotion quilt a quilt for her in return...yes, i am quite capabile to quilt it myself, but at this point, just don't want too..i want it done.

check out this backing fabric i's perfect. it almost made it into the outer border, but i found that other fabric that fit the feel of the quilt better.
i love the little lime green buzzard....and the cheeky owl.

now i have empty spot on my to find the next UFO to finish up.

if you made it this far, thanks....i made a drawstring pouch for a gifty and went ahead and made when my followers hit 300, i'll have a give away for the extra one!! surely 20 more people will admit they like my blog *grin*

the main fabric has neat quilt block illustrations and the words are 'instructions' for how to do various quilty stuff. i found the fabric at a garage sale a long time ago. i think i paid $3 for about 3 yards of it. the selvage is dated 1995.  here's the link to the tutorial i used.

that's all my wedding blocks on the wall behind it


  1. Cute little bag! I love your Halloween quilt. I cut two out the other night, all 2 1/2" strips, one will be the 1600 Jelly Roll Race quilt, and the other one is going to be the "Spider Web" one that was on the Moda Bake Shop the other day. Won't get them done this year, but maybe next!

  2. That is really interesting fabric for the bag. I don't think I ever saw it, and I am truly a fabric investigator!

    Cathy B

  3. The buzzard fabric says "BOO" in a unique way. Happy Halloween Shannon.

  4. love the bag but I also really love your Halloween quilt...and the spider web quilting design is perfect.

  5. that halloween quilt looks familiar.....hmmmm...was this kristina's mystery quilt? the spiderweb design will be spooktacular.

    love the bag, btw!

  6. Cool quilts, like that you still have a bit of the October spirit left!
    It is not only the month for Halloween, but breast cancer awareness month!!! Treat yourself or a loved one because you care! I am just stopping by with a reminder to do your self breast exam.
    Here's a fun place to start! Everybody loves boob lube!

  7. What a happy Halloween quilt! Love that bag too!


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