i have only myself to amuse me sometimes

i have made it my misson to finish up as many UFOs as i can.

i'm calling it:
Taskforce Operation Distraction-
Elimating All UFO Threats
(be it foreign or domestic)

this is my lastest flimsy finish.  it didn't turn out quite as i envisioned

"A- I am a hounddog.
B- i don't cry, it's more of a whimper.
C- i chase squirrels, not rabbits.
D- i have enuf friends"


  1. ROFLOL! Your dog has a great attitude!

  2. Love the flimsy....bright, bold and full of life. It says "You"!

  3. I love the flimsy! What did you envision?

    I'm on a UFO destroying mission as well. Must have something to do with the way the planets are lined up or maybe it's a devious plot hatched from afar...

  4. I like the colourful stars, good luck with killing the UFO's

  5. I love it, and it is done! I am on a mission, too!

  6. It is gorgeous! I love all the colors.

  7. I love those colors! You do an amazing job with color and value placement! Kudos!

  8. I really like colorful quilts, both for the making and to cuddle under. I especially like them in the winter when it is gray a lot of the time. The world needs as much brightness as it can get. Good job.

  9. It certainly is bright and pretty! :-)


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