About Me

My grandmother quilted. She successfully taught me her creativity, crafting, and quilting skills. Of course she did it all by hand, but thankfully technology has advanced and machine finished quilts are more widely accepted.

I love quilting, always have. It just made sense to me to create "functional art." I get excited about the whole process; designing, buying fabric, and of course, the machine quilting. I am always surprised at the way a quilt is changed by the quilting. My favorite part of my business is when customers see their quilt for the first time after it has been quilted.

I have been long arming professionally since 2004. I own an APQS Millennium (Nemo) which I am VERY proud of. I have quilted quilts that have won awards as well as been published in numerous magazines. I was the exclusive machine quilter at one of the local quilt shops before leaving and starting my own business. I specialize in free hand custom machine quilting. This allows me the freedom to personalize the quilting to your quilt.

Many people think that Nemo is ‘programmed’ and driven by computer. In fact, he is hand guided by me. All the quilts I quilt are quilted ‘free-motion’. I use no patterns or stencils. Therefore, I am only limited to my imagination when it comes to picking out designs for your quilt. Also, because my quilting is hand guided, please keep in mind that the quilting on your quilt may not be ‘mathematically perfect’, but that will enhance the ‘handmade’ look that is so cherished on ‘handmade’ quilts.

In my business, I will treat your quilt with the same respect as if it were one of mine. As a quilter myself, I understand the lengthy process it takes to get to a completed top. I won't let something "slide" if I wouldn't on my own tops. I want you to feel comfortable trusting me with your quilt. Feel free to ask me ANY questions, no matter how silly you might think it is. You don't have to be intimidated by me just because my machine is bigger than yours. *smile* But be careful, you get me talking "quilt" and I probably won't shut up.

I live in Marietta, Georgia (just north of Atlanta) with my husband, Davis, and the two pups, Lucky and Barney.