hot off the frame!

i just finished my sister's choice block swap quilt (which will probably get a name change) i am so super excited to share pictures....i'm really happy how it turned out.

thanks to all that participated! i love my blocks! 

detail of the border and block (don't forget- click on the picture for a larger pic, then click 'back' to come back to the blog)

detail of the block....i like the double 'L' loops in the center 9patch...quite pleased with that little creative spark

my favorite thing about this quilt is that even though i quilted every block with the same design, the thread blends into some of the batiks and contrasts in some so they look like they have all been quilted differently....i love the little surprises like that happen once a quilt is quilted!

backing...i bought this ages ago with all intents to use it as a backing...

detail of quitling on back. for those that don't follow my blog, i'm not scared to have the thread color show on the back..

now i have a great quilt that all my "online" friends help create...thanks again!

i have the next swap planned and will be posting details after the new year...


  1. That's gorgeous - i love your pebble quilting - it must have taken ages! The quilt is a stunning statement piece! Congratulations on a fabulous finish!

  2. Just it!!

  3. You are so good. This is gorgeous! I love it.

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  5. Shannon, it is beautiful, and quilting stunning, Can't wait for the next swap, just give us a littttttttle clue!

  6. well, I need to put my blocks together... I know how I want to do it but am trying to finish some other stuff first.. I do like your background.. and yes, I and a friend of mine are planning to do your next swap

  7. shannon - it came out great - i have mine all put together but have not quilted it. after seeing this - i am itching to get 'er done! thanks for sharing it. meg


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