what the....!??

so i go to wally world the other day cause i had the worst watermelon craving ever! so i get there and spent a couple minutes picking the perfect watermelon. couldn't wait to get home and slice it and get my watermelon on like donkey kong....so i go and slice it in half and...

what the hell !!!!

you know how in the cartoon when wile e. coyote realizes he's run off the edge of the cliff and does the quick double take, then falls- i know that feeling...

yes, you are looking at a yellow watermelon.

it smells like watermelon, kindda tastes like watermelon (has a yellow squash flavor to it)- which leads me to my theory-

ok bare with me... so this farmer plants all these watermelon plants in a field, but still has some room for something else, so his neighbor says, "hey i bought too many yellow squash plants- you want some?" "sure! the wife loves yellow squash," says mr. watermelon farmer, flash forward couple months and he proudly carries the first watermelon of the season in to his wife . the product of all their hard work and labor. the very thing that will put money in the bank. she slowly slices it open and then you could of heard a mouse pee on a cotton ball- yup, it's yellow. i imagine them standing there staring at the oddity. him in demin overalls, her in a flowered house dress and white apron, arm holding the knife in midair. i imagine she's the first to break the silence, "homer, whatdidyado?" looks like the squash pollen jumped row to the watermelon party. oops, what do we do now?

hey i know- sell the whole effing crop to walmart- they'll buy anyting.

yellow watermelon- looks like someone peed in it....what's next- blood red cucumbers?


  1. ROFLOL! We had cucumber cantaloupes one year. That's when I learned the cross pollination lesson!

  2. Hey now! Yellow watermelon taste darn good when its good and ripe, yours doesn't look like it was ripe enough yet! If you try a nice ripe one, you might like it, that is if you can handle eating odd color fruit, my niece wouldn't go near the Yellow melon i had last week,thought it was poisoned ! I won't tell you what she thought of my little purple tomatoes!

  3. call me a traditionalist- i think watermelon should be a nice redish pink, and tomotas should be, well, tomato red. :) i'll eat blue corn chips, but yellow watermelon- i draw the line!

  4. bertiequiltsAugust 07, 2009

    I also think that watermelon should definitely be red...no eating yellow

  5. This is why I buy most produce @ Publix!


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