Georgia Celebrates Quilts 2013 post #1

Well, the show is over and it's time to start thinking about the next one...

i will be doing two show posts- this one will be the quilts that i participated in (ie quilted)

*WARNING*  some serious eye candy is getting ready to happen :)

first- 'Crimson Radiance' designed and pieced by Charlotte, won Best of Show!!! *snoopy happy dance* i had to submit a change of address form cause i was living on cloud nine :)

long time readers will remember this quilt hung at Paducah. it also took first place in the Two Person, large category. 

(click on the pictures for bigger views)

this is our wedding quilt, 'The Perfect Pair'. i entered it into the group category and it took second.

i also quilted the first place winner in the Group category- Cindy's Mocha Latte Stars

Maetha's 'Summer Holiday' was awarded Honorable Mention in the Two-Person, Mixed (an even amount of piecing and applique) category

 Amanda's Quilt 'Star Parade' won second in the Two-Person Pieced, Large category.

Pam's row quilt 'Stash of Gesse' won 3rd in the Two-Person pieced, Large

(so in the Two-person pieced, Large Catergory, i quilt the first, second, and third place winners)

 Kathy's 'Spring of Hope' won the 3rd place ribbon in Two-Person Applique.

Eddie's 'Soldier's: Service and Sacrifice' hung in the show

and Roxanne's 'Sylvia's Bridal Quilt' also was presented

so there's the ones i helped with....later, the ones that i liked.  



  1. Congrats on so many winners! Beautiful quilting--especially on the "Best of Show!" Happy dance, for sure!!

  2. Beautiful quilts made ever so much more beautiful with your excellent quilting.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Congratulations! Of course the rest of us are not surprised Al all.

  4. Wow.....GO you!!! That is one awesome quilt...great work!

  5. Wowee! You're incredible! I'm soooo happy for you to have been a huge part of all these quilts! I hope credit was given where it is due, and that you get lots more business from this recognition.

  6. Congratulations on the wins. Very cool.

  7. Oh my, you must be so proud, beautiful quilts all of them, Congratulations

  8. Oh Shannon, congratulations! When I ever get a longarm, I hope I can take some classes from you!!

  9. I am speechless...your quilts are sooo ...NO words!!! You are a true artist I LOVE it! I love the colors and the pattern and the "emboss" see for me all yhis is so new I am a card maker and not a all a sewer...this art of america really amazes me...I wish I could incorporate your design in one of my makes me have some ideas...thanks for the inspiration

  10. Hi, Shannon. Marvelous quilts you show here. The Crimson Radiance is a knockout--amazing technique. A dazzling post!
    best from Tunisia,


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