quilt parade

these are the quilts i have finished in the last couple months...enjoy!

tracey's comission quilt
check out that teal thread on that black border *zinger*
anne's teal irish chain

this was the quilt in this post...
i like the print for the center of the setting blocks. i've filed that away for future reference!
and as usual, edie was busy!

her black and white TAW

like the skinny turquoise border. she said she was binding it in the same color! perfect with that border print!
she also made this quilt with that stained glass collection with the panel as the center...
it's hard to see, but there's loops on there

and finally edie made TWO of these army themed quilts for her sons
i quilted stars in the block's negative space and swirly lines to mimic a flag in the wind. it turned out better than i could of hoped and edie LOVED it!!

see, two...hey, whose legs are those?? :)

that skinny orange border was a 'flange' and since i was doing a E2E, it got stitched it down...

(for the record- i hate flanges on a quilt!! it triples the difficulty of MQing a quilt...i know you didn't ask, but just saying :) )

 and look- i marked my stars!! my five pointed stars look horrendous if i don't premark them! they come out looking like amputated starfish...
i quilted shelly's quilt

this is the quilt that had the fabric in it that i wanted....still haven't found it

i also quilted my Bali Migration quilt...

i tested out and idea for the design for Edie's army quilts before quilting hers i'm glad i did- it didn't look like what i had envisioned, so i did something else...and that worked.

so now i have TWO new E2E designs in my repertoire!

check out the backer *swirly*

jeanne's DWR for her daughter's wedding in April

i like the design i came up with...

and the quilting shows on the backer!

last but not least- this quilt. and for the life of me i can't remember who it belongs to...*sigh* they say the mind is the first to go...i can see her face in my head, but i can't see her name...she even brought me cookies!!

KAY..it's kay's quilt!!! *geez*
having fun with feathers!!

keeping with the colors of the quilt- i quilted feathers in blue thread on the red, and feathers in red thread in the border
and it all shows up beautifully on the backer making it almost double sided :)

fyi- all my quilting is done 100% free handed, free motion.
happy new year!!

as i always say- may the best of your 2012 be the worst of your 2013!!

happy stitches


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for showing your quilting, Shannon. Choosing quilting designs always stumps me, so I like seeing how others have chosen to quilt their quilts.

  2. the black/white quilt is AWESOME! I would have guess it was a blooming 9-patch though? Either way, it's stunning!!! Your quilting is fantastic, love the ones you can see the quilting so good on the backing!

  3. Your quilting is stunning! It's very impressive to see how you seemingly whip-out these quilt finishes. You're very gifted. Thanks for sharing. And have a marvelous 2013!

  4. What a fabulous quilt show...you 'rock'!

    Have to say thanks, I giggled when you said it was Kay's quilt......funny, I quilted one of the same design before Christmas and it looks like we quilted the same quilting designs......great minds huh!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU SHANNON..... I hope that the wishes that yourself and Davies share all come true in 2013....

  5. hey Shannon... do you know if there is a pattern for Shelly's quilt... Amputated Starfish.? I have something in mind with blues and yellows that would be awesome in that design for a friend of mine.... thanks


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