Mini-Quilt Show

 i has some quilts go home lately:

alberta's 30s repo flowers

feathered the living helluva it :)

karen's Almost Amish with a twist quilt.

i don't have a full picture of the quilt, but here's one online. i've seen the next one in the series, it's gorgeous!

Karen omitted the applique

i had fun with this one!

i tried an idea on the backer- i used a different bobbin color for the blocks, border, and setting design. it makes a neat design on the back.

a Tshirt quilt for Michele

amanda's really cool star quilt

i like amanda's color palette. her quilts are so uniquely hers.

the quilting really pops on the backer!! i love the design i came up for in the diamonds around the center...

i found the time to put together my canning jar soap dispensers. i got the idea from Pinterest. i used the Ball 100 anniversary blue jars and found the lids and pumps online.


ETA: i forgot to mention that i'm new to Instagram!! i won't be posting duplicate pictures, but a sneak peek every once in a while.... user name: piecefulkwilter (*duh*)  i'm having fun with all the hashtag labels 

warning tho- it is a time suck! but i can think of worse ways to waste time...


  1. I'm not a big fan of 30's fabric, but that quilt and your quilting are STUNNING.

  2. Your quilting is stupendous! I really like the feathers, and using a different color in the bobbin. Wonderful!

  3. Wonderful quilting. I do so enjoy seeing what you do.

  4. More gorgeous quilting. Love your soap dispensors, very innovative!


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