did you hear that??

usually i love deadlines....i like the whoosh they make when they fly by  :)

but this deadline had to be met!! what deadline? the deadline for quilt drop off for the show in june...see, i finished my last customer quilt for the show on Friday and delivered it over the weekend...so when are they to be dropped off for the show???


this sunday. in like, 6 days from now....*whew* that is way to tight for my tastes.

if your in the atlanta area, swing by!! make sure to say "hey!"

i finished Maetha's appliqued flag quilt- i worked on it over Memorial Day weekend...very appropriate!
i feathered all the pink and SID the appliques.

the pink is a drapery cotton

and i didn't seem to get a picture of the appliqued top border...i'll get one of it hanging in the show
the last quilt was Cindy's feathered stars.
i kept trying to put feathers and over-the-top quilting on it, but the quilt was telling me that it wanted subtle to keep the piecing the focus...

i can handle that :)

now i'm going to take a day or two to catch my breath, then i'll dive back into customer quilts...



  1. Love your comment on the whoosh deadlines make when they fly by. : )
    Gorgeous quilting!
    Always good to listen to a quilt--the piecing on those feathered stars has a right to shine and you quilted them beautifully.

  2. YOur quilting is so pretty...you do a wonderful job!

  3. Beautiful work on both quilts.
    I have a question - when you do piano keys, do you stitch a line, then backtrack along it, then go across to the next one?

  4. Gorgeous quilting. Deadlines have to sneak up on you when you do quilting details like you did in those two quilts.

  5. Beautiful quilts.....


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