I do not machine quilt, i hand quilt with an electric needle.
I specialize in custom free hand quilting that enhances the beauty of your quilt top. All the quilts I quilt are quilted ‘free-motion’. I use no pantographs, paper patterns, or stencils. Therefore, I am only limited to my imagination when it comes to picking out designs for your quilt. Also, because my quilting is hand guided, please keep in mind that the quilting on your quilt may not be ‘mathematically perfect’, but that will enhance the ‘handmade’ look that is so cherished on quilts.

There's an old adage: Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. I want to be known for quality workmanship and I take pride in paying attention to the little details.
Machine quilting is priced by the square inch with the rate being based on complexity. Thread is included in my pricing. Estimates are free, all I need is a picture of your quilt, the measurements in inches, and proposed budget sent to me in an email.
Changes to your quilting (thread, quilting design, deadlines, etc) need to be in writing or sent in an email.
My minimum charge for quilting is $60.

Quilt Prep: $25/ hour with a one hour minimum. Quilt Prep is any activity that is not actually machine quilting. This includes pressing, piecing backs, seam repairs, and clipping threads, etc.

Rush Fee: 30% of quilting fee or $75, which ever is greater.

Custom quilting CANNOT be rushed.  

I have a firm Christmas deadline. Quilts needing to be quilted before Christmas (December 25th) need to be in my possession no later than October 1st of that year. Quilts will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, so plan early!

The largest size, in inches, of a quilt I can quilt is 118 x 130. If your quilt is bigger than that, you will need to find a Long Armer with a 14foot frame (mine is 12foot) or consider quilting the quilt in halves/pieces and using the Quilt-As-You-Go method for joining them together.