Quilt show post #1

the ribbons won on my customer's quilts:
two honorable mentions:
`kathie's santa quilt (two person combination pieced/applique)
`pam's 'of thee i sing' (two person applique)

one sponsor recognition
` jan's mistletoe quilt from the LQS Tiny Stiches (thanks maetha!) (two person combination pieced/applique)

one judges recognition
`amanda's DWR from judge Mary Walter from MA (two person quilt pieced)

two first places:
`jan's mistletoe quilt (two person combination pieced/applique)
`karen's elemental (large two person pieced)

one second place and best machine quilted (they liked the feathers)
`alberta's Autumn Star


  1. Hi Shannon, sweet heart! I love your quilts. That show is HUGE baby! It's obvious that you are a joy to many and your quilting is a reflection of your true inner spirit, which is beautiful. I am so proud of you. Always your friend, Shana in Alaska

  2. Shannon, your work is just beautiful. Your photos are great to. Thank You for sharing. Joyce Coburn form Ohio.


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