frame friday #3

i know it's thursday, but i've missed some fridays....and i'm just starting this one, so it'll still be there tomorrow...

this is a vintage kit quilt from the 30s/40s. *CLAP* i LOVE these types of quilts. it has the dotted lines for quilting. this is the first applique one i've gotten the joy of doing, i have done a cross-stitched one. it says it was produced for Progess and is called (very creative name here) The Iris Quilt. i have the Bucilla Poppy quilt that i can't wait to have time to start. (gotta love Ebay!)

anyway, the ECQG quilt show preview show/award ceremony is tonight and i'm getting antsy excited...i find it hard to concentrate on just one thing....let me set the record straight- i'm not excited cause i expect to win anything, i just LOVE looking at all the quilts! and talking quilts. it's the one time i'll be totally submersed in my favorite thing in the whole world!

i would be a crappy show judge, i'd want to give every quilt a ribbon. i'd get creative with the categories too. *giggle* Best Use of the Ugliest Fabric in the World/ The Oldest UFO Finished/ Best Beginner First that. but i like the idea that was brought up on the APQS forum around MQS this year: every quilt has a ribbon on it, some are just invisible.

come back tomorrow for the winner pictures....


  1. Please, please write and tell us if you won anything! Lynn

  2. Congratulations on your wins! Your quilting is beautiful.


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