Quilt show post #2

these are the quilts i liked.

(if one of these quilts is yours and you don't want it here, email me and i'll remove it -OR- if one is your quilt and i can put your name with it, let me know:

half_square @hotmail. com *remove the spaces*)
flip-flop paper piecing. this is a miniature quilt. measuring LESS than 24" on one side....let me tell you this was a quilt to behold....there are some tinny tiny itty bitty pieces in there...

all roads lead to olive's

bird brains

applique quilt from h***

birds on a wire by maetha elliot, maianne webb, and melinda fulkerson (this is the one i've been working on, but completely redesigned)

color of fall

savannah squares

summer quilt

deep in the woods

a star is born

detail of a star is born for all the LAers out there. love love the feathers!!!

supernova kaleidoscope II

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