some teasing of the quilty kind...

i have no computer right now (davis is kindly letting me use his laptop) so i thought i'd share the quilt i just finished. it's the next to the last show quilt i have. talking about getting down to the deadline, right?

it belongs to kathie w. and is machine pieced and hand appliqued. it is Quakertown Santas.

it measures 74 x 80. let me tell you that this is not a beginner applique project...there are some itty bitty tinny tiny pieces that would make my heart skip a beat or two. good job kathie!

i doodlebugged the background, outlined all the applique, and did my swirly vine in the border. the blocks are all different with a CC theme.

i'm really digging the totally fits in with the design of the quilt. notice that the same design is kindda in the print of the fabric?

i have tons of pictures to share once i get my computer brain look forward to that. i look forward to having internet connection really don't realize how dependant you are on something til it's gone....oh, and a friendly reminder: back up all your documents/ photos/ important stuff! i got a virus and now it could be a possibility that all my stuff is gone! *finger crossed*


  1. Good job Shannon as always. It is a beautiful quilt and I look forward to seeing it in the show.

  2. Lovely quilting! I especially love the border.

  3. Beautiful quilting! Thanks for sharing.


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