of thee i sing!

here's pictures of the quilt i finished quitling today. It was perfectly pieced by Pam R. it's a Lisa DeBee Schiller pattern that apparently is no longer on the market. (sorry)

the other photos show the details of hand applique and machine quilting. hopefully it will be accepted into the East Cobb Show this september. (Click here for show/guild link)

It took me a total of 14 1/2 hours over three days to complete the quilting. i changed threads to match the fabrics i was quilting. it is quilted all free motion with only the use of rulers for the straight lines and SID.


  1. The quilting is absolutely gorgeous, you did a fabulous job here!

  2. You are extremely talented!!! I am going to read your older posts and look at your pictures. I have a HQ 16 and just learning how to use it.



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