mistletoe in august???

actually mistletoe grows year round, you just can't see it for all the leaves on the tree...anyway..

i'm taking a break from my mad dash of quilting, and uploaded pictures of the quilt i finished this afternoon.

it is from blackbird design's book "when the cold wind blows" and was made by jan c. it will be in the quilt show next month.

i doodlebugged the background, and double CCed the green squares, and CCed the small red squares. speaking of the red squares- every one was a separate stop and start....also, the inside of the holly leaves is a stop and start...i know, tell me about it....i'm just crazy i guess....this is a new record for me. it took 16 hours to quilt and 19 bobbins.

and also, i've decided that i'm 'retiring' my doodlebug filler. i will reserve it for show quilts and my quilts. it just takes way! too long. on the mistletoe quilt it took close to 10 hours to just quilt the background.
now i have to come up with a new background filler....*sarcasm* darn :)


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