sshhh, don't tell davis

 i love living in the country....errands make for longer drives and long drives mean more yard sales to discover...

ever drive by a yard sale and immediatley see quilty stuff???  i can spot a vintage singer at 50 mph :)

that's how i first laid eyes on her!! a singer 15-91. i've been looking for this particular model singer for years!! it's the first search i do when i visit craig's list!

i have one already and needed (not wanted, mind you) another as an emergency backup. i was kindda hoping to find a table top one so i had the option of portability.

the 15-91 is gear driven and with the gear driven motor, it was expensive to produce so a limited run was manufactured. they are, IMHO, the best model of singer to piece on. mine will sew thru numerous layers of denium with perfect tension then to onto the delicate silk without skipping a beat. these machines are work horses!

for some god forsaken reason, someone used nasty, extra gooey plastic tape to stick something to the harp (a pin cushion?? ever heard of velcro?? hello!!), and it left it's mark...but with some WD-40 and a suggestion of baby oil, i committed some serious elbow grease and removed most of that nasty yellow gunk. the edge of a rotary ruler works great as a 'gentle' scrapper.

then a good spit polish with car wax, and wha-lah, as good as new!

look at her shine! no more stupid tape gunk!!

now to find the time to thread her up and see how she stitches!!!

i even found a cute little silver needle holder in the box with all the extra attachments and feet!



  1. What a great find and you did NEED another for backup!!!

  2. They probably didn't have velcro when they stuck that tape on. But you got it looking great, in any case. I have an old Singer treadle (which, I confess, is more of a decoration than a useful item) and I never thought of using car wax. So, thanks for that tip!

  3. I'm sorry it took you so long to find one. However I'm glad she cleaned up so nicely, and I hope she works well. Did you lubricate the motor (vaseline works in a pinch).
    She's beautiful. Have lots of fun!

  4. How fun for you! Don't we always find just the thing when we aren't even looking for it?! Your clean-up sure made a beautiful difference. The only thing you didn't share was the bargain price you purchased her for. I hope that was the case!

  5. Looks great! Nice to hear you are out and about again!

  6. Congrats on your new 15-91! This is definitely my favorite type of machine! We recently figured out how to put one on a quilting frame too!

  7. You are so lucky! I would love to find one!

  8. That's a great find. I have one and it's my main sewing machine unless I want something other than straight line stitching. I will say it's a wonderful machine and I love it. I'm happy for you and your find. Looks like it cleaned up really well. They are beautiful. Hope you're doing well.


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