My Quilt Cave

men have their man caves, i have my quilt cave. it's where i spend alot of my time. it's also my creative retreat. if i've had a bad day, there's always fabric to pet to soothe away stress.

this is looking in with your back to the door. my APQS Millennium is named Nemo. we spend alot of time together :)

this is my design wall. it is simply a piece of Warm & Natural batting push pinned to the wall. it's been hanging for about 4 years now, and it still works. My ironing board is a purchased Big Board sitting on a shelf that my loving fiance (Davis) made for me. it has peg board on two sides and i hang all my rulers, scissors, and rotary cutters on it.

this is the corner where my sewing machine is. i piece on a 1954 Singer. my grandmother was the first owner, i'm proudly the second. my grandfather gave it to my granny as an anniversary present. now she sits in my sewing room. i love sewing with a vintage machine. (and collecting them, i'll save that for another post) the black box behind my sewing machine is my newly aquired Featherweight!

This looking from the sewing corner to the 'back' wall. the two cabniets to the right are for storing customer's quilts and batting. the two on the left are filled to the gills with some of my stash.

it's huge compared to some spaces. i started out in a 8' x 10' spare room so this is an upgrade in my book. when i got Nemo and started long arming, well, i needed more space. i can't wait for the day that i'll get to design my sewing room. i'm liking the idea of two walk in closets, one for fabric the other for customer quilts. and don't forget built in cabinets with LOTS of shelves for storing books and patterns. and windows, i want windows.

girl's gotta dream right?


  1. (Over from Suzanne's blog.)

    Wow. I'm jealous.

  2. Beautiful cave, thanks for sharing!


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