uninvited, but welcomed

 this is a funny story....bear with me, it requires some set up.....

the UPS van stopped at the house this morning. i was at the computer and saw him stop, and i noticed he had more than one box *yay* i was expecting the one, but two *goodie*

i went out to help him (one box was heavy and big) and i left the front door open. i get back in an shut the door behind me and comense the opening of the mystery box. davis bought me a pair of shoes i wanted and i had one on and heard this strange *squawk* noise come from the living room. i thought i was hearing things and started to put the second shoe on. then i heard *squawk* again. i think i got a partial thought of "hey, that sounds like a bi..."  when all hell broke loose. see the speck in the left window???

that *squawk* noise was from a baby mocking bird that somehow flew into the house.

barney is part bird dog....

see where this is going? now, in your head imagine a slap stick comedy song playing...like from benny hill-

i'm running all over the house trying to catch the bird but keep barney away from it at the same time.  i only have the one new shoe on, and barney's not in on the rules of the game...oh, and the bird is pooping the entire time...
*whew* bird caught and released......that bird does not know how lucky it is... i didn't make it to the last baby bird before barney killed it.

he doesn't look very pleased with his situation, does he?

 worth two in the bush, right?

funny, no? guess you would of had to been here...
oh, my new shoes- one on each foot

now if you'll excuse me, i have some bird poop to clean up



  1. That reminds me of the time my Mom had to chase a chicken through the house. She was leaving for work and the chicken flew into the house. She said she eventually, with the help of the neighbor, got it cornered under my bed and was able to get it out. She cleaned up the mess but I came home from school and found some mysterious feathers on my bed!

  2. I have lived that scene with a bird before, sans the dog. But I have also lived it with a bat and a snake. Oh, the joys of country life! Glad the bird survived. Hope everything cleans up well! : )

  3. Wish I had been a fly on the wall... oops, that probably wouldn't have turned out well either.

    Love the shoes. I need a pair like that.

  4. LOL!! Especially the bird in the hand joke. Too funny. And those shoes! Tooo adorable! I really can't believe you caught the bird. "That some fast moving on your part.

  5. What a story! I'm SO glad it happened to you... and not me. I've heard before of wild birds that poop when they get in the house. Very glad it didn't do so on those cute new shoes!

  6. I love those shoes, too! We had to try to get a squirrel out after the cat brought it in as a present. 3 of us had couch cushions trying to corral him but squirrels can climb and ran up the cushion, across my chest and back down. We opened all the windows and doors and finally got that little bugger out. We also had a blackbird come down the chimney and take of smoulding through the house with the cat on its tail. Country life, indeed!

  7. Love the bird story. We had a squirrel get in the house early one morning as daylight was breaking. My husband had to write a story about the incident for the family newsletter and boy did he embellish a couple of things.


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