making it a home

so i have furniture for the living room!! i cannot tell you how happy i am to know that i won't have to look at our hand-me-down 80s couch much longer!! *squee*

i found a nice comfy couch and loveseat with two ottomans in a nice brushed twilly denim *sigh* i can't wait to fall asleep on it!!

those fufu floral pillows will be going buhbye...

one day, davis will hang the TV over the fireplace, but til then...

how to arrange the living room?  i want to be able to see the TV from the kitchen while cooking, doing dishes, i was thinking putting the couch facing the TV with the back to the kitchen and the loveseat at a 90degree angle with the back to the foyer with an end table in the corner...

any better ideas?


  1. New furniture! Exciting! That's such a pretty room, too. Love the arched windows. For where you're wanting the TV, I think your placement idea will work nicely.

  2. fun!!! The room is really pretty with those gorgeous windows on each side of the fireplace.

  3. Yes, get a small tv for the kitchen. I'd rather see the people sitting on the couch, from the kitchen! Congratulations on all your purchases and redecorating! You must be having a lot of fun.

  4. It looks as if it is going to be really nice. Think really hard before you put the TV over the fireplace. My sister has that in her house and because of the height of the mantle it is uncomfortable to sit on the couch and watch TV. You are looking up all the time. She doesn't really like it but the TV came already installed and all the wiring that way when they bought the house new. It would be a lot of trouble to redo the wiring to place it in a different place.

    We will miss you up here in Marietta when you get moved. Come see us at the quilt shop when you can. Good wishes to Davis.


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