getting there

 my furniture was delivered and it's coming together and starting to get that 'home' feel :)

so here's the living room.  i'm debating getting a 5 shelf bookcase to put on the wall beside the TV console for my books

here's the living room looking back towards the front door.

i'm putting a sofa table against the wall behind the sofa, and the wall behind the loveseat will be the quilt wall. i plan on hanging my quilts there with one of my treadles in front..

here's my kitchen table!! i have plenty of room for a hutch on that wall beside the door. the hutch that is part of the collection the table comes from is out of stock, so i'm gonna be on the look out for a nice 'antique-y' piece to go there for linens and such..

the runner i have looks great on it, but way too long. so i'll make another and this one will live on the formal table in the dining room.

so here's the whole living area into the kitchen shot..ignore the clutter on the bar :) 

*sigh* home sweet home

i L.O.V.E. all the light from the windows!!

notice barney- he followed me every where while i was taking pictures. most of the ones i deleted had the tip of his tail in the corner of almost all of them. i had to put him in the bedroom to get tail-free shots...

so where was lucky you ask?? snoozing hard on his new bed in the bedroom. i could hear him snoring....

so here's the decor plan-

i want to put a large clock above the fireplace- i just dunno which- cream face or white?? i'm leaning to the white to match the trim and i'm scared the cream face will blend into the wall...thoughts?

when you first walk in to the house, the dining room is to the right and i'm thinking of putting this painting on the wall. i remember faintly that i have some peir1 sconces packed away somewhere that would go on each side...

it's very Klimt....

i love this bicycle print!! the colors and style speak to me... a nice statement piece for somewhere...

speaking of statement piece *snicker snort*

davis is lucky i didn't snatch it and run!! plus it was on clearance- $30....of course if someone buys it for a house warming present it would be down right rude not to hang it somewhere...

if it ends up in the house, that's my story and i'm sticking to it

(i asked for a velvet elvis painting for our anniversary and didn't get it)
those floral *yawn* boring pillows on the couch will be making an exit one day, and i'm thinking of making some pillows with this color way of Swarm...

home shopping is just as much fun as fabric shopping *gasp* maybe even more fun *uh oh*


  1. Happy New Year 2013!!.
    Your house is just beautiful.

  2. It is so much fun to watch you decorate your house. Congratulations! (I like the white-faced clock, too.) I remember decorating "my" first house. It's so much more fun when it belongs to you (and the bank).

  3. I'd go with the white-faced clock :)

    Loved the tour! Thanks!

  4. It looks great! I love the tan clock, but white will show up better. You sound like my daughter planning her new decor. She says she wants it to be a "big girl " house. Enjoy.

  5. Fun fun fun with a new house. :D Gosh, I'm on the other end. I like the cream face much better - it seems homier. The white one just looks like what I'd see in a classroom or doctor's office. Love all your natural light!

  6. But you know - with what I said - it doesn't matter one iota what I think about colors/styles/etc. This is *your* house and you should set up in it the things that speak to you, without wondering what other people will think. :)

  7. I would choose the white clock :) I guess you haven't caught the #scrappytripalong bug since you're so busy huh? :)

  8. Your home is beautiful Shannon! I can understand why you're so excited and happy to be living there. I bought a big clock for our wall. Mine has a beige face with dark brown around the outside because it's on a white wall. I was looking for contrast. Seems like that might be the best way to go. (My two-cents worth.)

  9. Shannon, I love the colors of your house! the gold color in the living room makes the house feel very warm.


  10. I love your house Shannon. Congrats!!! I love your new furniture too. It is so much fun to decorate, especially a brand new house. Where does Nemo go??? Have fun!!

  11. Loved the tour Shannon, I'd prefer the beige clock. Please show us Nemo's place.

  12. I'd go with the white clock. What does Davis think of all your beautiful decorating? It is looking great! I also want to know where Nemo is going...a huge basement?

    1. i did end up with the white clock...

      davis said he likes the decor..(he's too smart to say he doesn't :) )

      nemo will be living in a small finished room in the basement.

      i promise to take pictures to share...


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