UFO serial killer

i finished another UFO....i'm telling you since i set up my featherweight upstairs, i am cranking out the flimsies!!

this Goose chase quilt was a bit of inspired genuis! i was cruising blogland and saw Sarah's wild goose chase quilt and that reminded me that long ago, my Footnotes quilt originally had a flying goose sashing (which was vetoed in favor of the zebra print) and i wondered if i could use my sashing geese to make a goose chase quilt....

so i dug the plastic tub that helds all that, and by golly, the math worked perfectly!! i added some warmer batiks and off to the 'chase' i went...

so i finished up the flimsy this afternoon. I'm calling "Bali Migration"

and i wanted to share an observation. while finishing up all these UFOs, i'm finding some that i started before i sized/starched my fabrics, and let me tell ya, it makes a HUGE difference. so if you are an anti-starcher, may i try to convince you to start??


  1. Shannon, do you find that starching makes a difference on batiks too? or not so much? I've been pondering this question as I decide to starch or not-starch 8m of batiks for a new project.

  2. I've quilted several quilts that contained series of flying geese. I had so much fun quilting those. (Might be time to piece some more.) Your quilt is beautiful and inspires me!

  3. You are a machine! I agree on starching too and I make my own. It costs about half a cent per bottle.

  4. Beautiful finish! Congrats!

  5. Shannon, I've never used starch but think perhaps I need something to keep the bias edges in line. Do you use any old spray starch? Regards,

    1. i use Magic Sizing. it's around $1 at my local WallyWorld...we have silverfish, so i try to avoid starch. it gives the fabric body without the stiffness of starch. as a LAer, heavily starched quilts are difficult to quilt....

  6. Love using starch. Makes everything turn out better for me. I purchase the liquid starch and mix it with water in a spray bottle. That way if I want it heavier or lighter I can control it. That's what I like the best. Haven't tried making my own. and yes I do have a couple commercial kinds here too that I use in a pinch.
    Love your quilt especially the border print.

  7. I love this quilt. Isn't it great to get another UFO on its way out!

  8. Love all the colors. Looks so good!


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