sunday stitches

so i cut all my fabric for my super simple HST and i was thinking while i was doing it that i swear i thought i'd blogged about the fabrics already....i did here and i knew that i had linked to the quilts that had inspired me...
so here's the two quilts that inspired me.

 first barb's quilt.
and i saw jennifer's quilt on flickr

i have all my squares cut and marked and i'm hoping to get all the squares sewn so that i can get them pressed and cut. then i plan on sewing them into random 9patches, then i'll sew the 9patches into the top. at least that's the plan....
apparent someone thinks they should be the center of my attention right now
what do you mean 'move' i assure you, madame, i do not pretend to know to what you are referring :)

oh and did you hear- whitney houston died....


  1. Haha! I have that happen to me all the time with my boy Trigger. He gets under my chair (82 pound Golden) and when I need to get up I struggle to get out of my chair. On days I'm really busy sewing it is so funny to watch him lay under the chair, lay by the ironing board, the chair, back and forth then he'll give up and just go lay in the living room. That's at the beach, I'm mean and won't let him in my sewing cottage.
    Very pretty fabric, don't forget to post your finished quilt :)
    Have fun!!!

  2. speaking about half-square triangles... check this out.

  3. LOL... If my husband asks me if I heard Whitney Houston died one more time I swear I shall smack him!


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