meanwhile, back at the ponderosa

a few random things all smushed into one long and picture heavy post- bear with me, it'll be worth it :)

don't forget that the deadline for the block swap is approaching....i've been getting squishies in the mail, and i'm warning you now- i guarantee you'll regret not participating!!

if you click on the block picture over there --->
it will take you to the post where all the info can be found
i had three quilts go home.

first, vicky's mystery quilt.
i custom quilted it.
i love the scroll fill in the magenta
and if allow me to gush a little....i LOVE my APQS Millennium long arm machine- look at that perfect tension. *swoon*
then tracey picked up her two quilts.
a teal and brown quilt that i quilted my cotton candy E2e.
it's a budget friendly design that adds texture which is perfect for this quilt.
then her 'ombre' fassett quilt. this was a cover quilt from an aussie quilting magazine.
she asked for a flower with leaves E2E, which i haven't really quilted, but i gave it a go and i like it!!
UPS stopped by the house this morning....i didn't order anything.'s gift wrapped.
holy cow!!! i thought it was books....

davis sent me a kindle fire for valentine's! i can't wait to dive in and learn all it's features! anything i just have to know?

thank you sweetie, i love it (and you)!!!

now, to make a fabric sleeve for it!!


  1. I love how you quilted Vicki's mystery quilt. Very nice. You're a lucky girl to get the Kindle Fire. How sweet of your husband to get that for you.

  2. enjoy the kindle-that's way better than chocolate, well sorta...maybe
    your quilting is fab as always!

  3. Beautiful quilting!

    You are going to love the Fire!!!

  4. I am going to get a Kindle Fire or an Ipad one day!!! I heard that they are wonderful. Your quilting on those quilts are just gorgeous!

  5. I'm still hoping to do the swap. I didn't see no repeat colors until after I bought the yardage, so I need to get three more yards (I got matchy colors/patterns originally). Love Vicki's mystery quilt - gorgeous.
    I've got an ipad and have the Kindle app and love it. You'll get a lot of use out of the Kindle fire I'm sure.

  6. Love the custom quilting on the mystery quilt. Wish I could do a scroll like that, I'm practicing...Working on my swap blocks as well. I have NO 30's fabric at all, so this will definitely be a great swap for me. Kindle, ooooo ahhhhhh, nice!!

  7. I'm green with envy...lovely quilting...and your tension is perfect!

  8. Your quilting inspires me!

  9. That's why I did not get you a factory sleeve for your fire. None would even come close to what you can make for it. I know I use the one you made me for my I-touch everyday. Love It!


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