close call

so i get this email and you tube link from davis this morning.

We were at this one camp. First time we really were able to get a view. So I decided to take a video. As you can see the video was cut short. What were the odds of catching this on video. Listen carefully, you may have to watch it again.
It is the sound of a ricocheting bullet just feet from us. Still have no idea where it came from.  Thanks GOD buddy wasn't one of our snipers.
looks like your thoughts and prayers are working, thank you!


  1. So scary to see....still on my prayer list.

  2. Que explicación puede darle ?...
    Vivo en una ciudad peligrosa y se que el miedo es mi Alerta .
    Dios a todos nos cuida.
    No se si ser graciosa o no en esta situación ,pero voy a arriesgarme.
    Usted es un Avatar y Dios la protege.


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