wedding blocks progress

here's all the blocks i have received so far.
i like how some of the blocks are repeated!

there's corthuse steps, steps to the alter, card tricks, nevada guys are so creative!

i love it!!! thank you to all who have sewn for us!

i made a couple (like i'd be able to sit quietly on the side lines)

i designed this block a long time and posted it on my my blog as a 12inch block....i reworked the math and made it 9inches....

for the purposes of this quilt i'm calling it 'true love star'....*ahwww*

the background fabric is almost the last yardage of one of my favorite batiks.

i made this nine patch with the vegas sign. finding the fabrics to go with it was fun...and i totally trashed my sewing room. i think i did good *grin* i swear i can here frank singing 'luck be a lady'

i also made this paper pieced star....i PAPER PIECED!!! the block is called 'desert corsage' and i found it very fitting!

i found a block named 'ball and chain'   how can i resist not adding that one *snicker* and i have a couple applique ideas to add too.

i designed a block so i can include Elvis....

this quilt is going to be the BOMB baby!

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  1. Well, I am waaaayyyy behind times!!! I owe you a congrats!!! I was on my phone looking at your blog this afternoon and realized you got married. Love your pics! Loved the wedding. Love this quilt!!!! Congrats!!!!


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