quilt show part duex

so here's the quilts that caught my eye for various reasons (and some that should of had a ribbon pinned to the border and some that already did)

this quilt was hand pieced AND hand quilted....

 *don't forget, the pictures will supersize when you click on them. click the back button on your browser to come back here*


and it's in one of my favorite fabrics -batiks!

 beautiful!!! i voted for this one for viewer's choice.


i seem to have not taken a picture of this one's tag...sorry to the quilter

this is the same pattern that theresa made (hockey love) from yesterday's post. i wanted to show how different the same quilt can look being made in different fabrics...

i hope i get enough wedding blocks to make a quilt like this! these blocks are tiny though- 6inches!
this one had a perfect name!!!
a great example of how to make a quilt from men's ties.
this was the star of the show:  Best of Show, Quilter's Choice (voted by the quilters with quilts in the show), Viewer's Choice
it is hand pieced and hand quilted.


  1. What a lot of amazing quilts!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Enjoyed the quilt show....I love it when people post pictures of the shows they go to...thanks!

  3. It may say something about my personality, but I could see me making a quilt like the "Insane" one! Love it.


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