sawtooth cutting dimensions

i here it is: click on the picture for a larger view

the C squares at the bottom of the heart and the D squares have the diagonal marked on the wrong side of the fabric. they will be sewn to the E rectangles using the flip and sew (sew on the line and flip it over, trimming the excess underneath- i think that's the easiest way) FYI- double check that all the flip and sew squares are going the right directions before sewing, that's why i posted a drawing of the block, for layout purposes....

the flying geese are sewn using the no waste method...there are tons of directions already out there....i'll go find a link. CLICK HERE  you'll cut (6) of C, only (4) is used in for the flying geese, and the other (2) are for the flip and sew at the bottom of the heart.
i mark my sewing lines as well as my cutting lines- i find that i get perfect points in my block by marking all 3 lines.

geez, i hope this is as clear as mud....

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  1. bertiequiltsAugust 11, 2009

    ok, know what I want to do with this BOM...Are you going to do at least 12? I also will need to get my fabric as I already know what my colors are going to be (pinks and greens with roses) and of course, eventually, you will quilt it. PS, I will need at least 12 12-1/2 blocks.


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