pick your brain

i need to pick yall's brains....

i need help coming up with euphemisms for 'getting married'

all i've come up with is:
-gettin' hitched
-tying the knot

i know there's gotta be more...


  1. taking the plunge

    tieing on the ball and chain

    jumping the broom

    become husband and wife,

    lead to the altar,

    make one,

    become one

    say I do,

    take in marriage,

    joined in holy matrimony

  2. Happily Ever After

    Make a honest Woman

  3. Another One Bites the Dust!

  4. Setting up housekeeping

  5. My fav: With this ring, I thee wed
    Happily Ever After

    I made a wedding quilt for our wedding. I quilted in lines such as "Eternal Bliss" (that's engraved on our rings), and other bits from our vows. I also did sweet nothings that we often say to each other: You're my favorite, etc. Also quilted some things from our wedding, like Burning Man, Thank you Reverend Lala, etc.

  6. Let the Nagging begin! (Those are the first words my husband said to me when we got married as my husband... fool now I have permission).

  7. I can't think of any that haven't already been said but I just wanted to say it's been fun reading all the different phrases!! :-)

  8. Run Forrest Run!!! lol

  9. Frickin' your frack

    entering the institution

    blissfully united

    i know, i'm weird....

  10. Dropping anchor
    Settling down
    Walked down the aisle
    Two becoming one

    Hope these help


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