new toy!!! and proper introductions

davis made the comment in a recent conversation that he wished i would go with him to the hunting club with him during archery season and i simply said, "well, if i had a bow i would." (it's not fun to go to the hunting club and not hunt, duh)
"well, let's get you one"
"okay" i'm thinking that like the previous four years of saying i wanted one, this was another 'blow off' promise....

i was wrong! remember the trip to SANS? all the ordered parts for my bow were shipped and i am the proud parent of a new bow! i am super stoked!

Meet Elvis (he has blue shoes, get it? i was thinking calling it Dory cause it's blue and i have a Nemo (orange) but i have a friend named dory and it could get confusing...then i thought 'Lucy' but i already had a Lucy, so elvis it is)

the details:
Mathews Passion (turq and black)
44lbs/26.5" draw
whisker biscuit (i LUV that name) arrow rest
trophy ridge sight with 3/16" peep
mathews quiver that has it's own little noise dampener

he is quiet and fast!

after we got home last evening, i was anxious to play with my new toy. Davis set up his work lights and we flung a few arrows across the yard!


(isn't he so handsome with his perfect form)


i have to work on my 'form' and learn to relax both my hands. just like in LAing, i'm learning my muscle memory...

my left arm is a bit sore, but it's expected. i'm using muscles i don't normally use.

here's what i did during my 'lunch break' today before it started raining. *grin*

(just in case you were wondering: 20 yards and the second day of practice.) i was aiming for the black arrow per dot. not bad, and it's encouraging to see progress so quickly.

it's not easy, but like Matt at SANS says, "if it were easy, everyone would do it"

one last picture...this is my favorite from last night.


  1. Oh how fun!! I figured that is who Elvis was! I love it. I name my stuff too! I hope you get a big one. Hey I hope I get a big one too!!!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun but not as much funs as opening my mail today! I now have a new bag to carry my applique project in. It will look a lot better than the paper bag that I am currently using!


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