scrappy crafting

i saw a few weeks back a fabric wreath on a blog that was inspired by another blog, and so on...

so i dug out some batik scraps (cause they look pretty on both sides) and went about making me one.

it is just a 12" wire floral frame (joann's) and i tied the fabric strips to it, filling each section tighly. i used fabric scraps measuring approximatley 1.5"- 2" wide by about 6 inches long....

after i got it completely finished, i gave some longer pieces a hair cut.
this is not a quickie project. it took about 5 hours to tie all those strips, but i think the fullness was worth it. i did it while i watched Bones on the DVR, so time went quickly.

for hanging, i just tied a strip to the back and hung it from the loop. i'll be using it only inside...lord knows what insect habitat i would create by putting it outside.

pretty, scrap friendly, and super simple...i like it.


  1. I LOVE it and plan to make several in different colors.

  2. Beautiful! I think those fabrics are perfect for that wreath!

  3. What a good idea Shannon,
    You are so creative.
    Thank You for sharing your good idea.


  4. I love this wreath!!! I will add this to my list of "want to's"!!!

  5. What a happy wreath. Smart to use batiks.

  6. This would look really good hanging on the door of my studio.

  7. So did I read that one of us posting might WIN this wreath? Hint-hint

  8. Love it! I hope I make one some day to use up scraps!


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