Stockbridge Army Navy

so this past weekend, davis i drove south to Stockbridge Army Navy Surplus...don't let the name fool ya- it's so not a dusty surplus store. it is more of a hunting supplies store. it's a candy store for hunters!

i always love going to hunting speciality shops- it's like a free natural history exhibit.

*tour guide voice*
"let's begin our tour of the game animals of the world..."

that's alot of deer (white tail)...i didn't see any mule deer

and here's the exotic wall...i don't know the names of half these african animals... the name of that black and white one is just on the tip of my tongue :)

that's a wildebeest (also refered to as a Gnu) to the left of the zebra. the white face with the blaze all the way to the left is an can just see an fallow deer to the left of the Ibex....they keep their spots their entire life time.

we'll just call the rest "lion snacks" *giggle*
check out the leopard! (i bet that wasn't a cheap trip!!)

you have to 'draw a tag' to hunt some animals. getting a tag is like hitting the lottery. you sometimes have to wait years to get one. then you have to pay for travel expenses, lodging, licenses (there's alot of those), guide services, import fees, and then taxidermy (that alone is easily $2000 for a full mount).

so, to get to see one, it's a treat. it's a 'once in a lifetime' type thing.

 more white tail deer with an elk...
the reason we went is santa claus is visiting me early! i test fired some bows. SANS is a archery speciality store. they have all the tools to get you set up! 

check out my 'string slap'  :)  i held the bow wrong and when i released the string, my forearm was in the way. it's like touching a hot oven, you only do it once. it hurt A.L.O.T. but the good news- it went away pretty quickly, and i got back to the business at hand- finding me a bow...  

meet elvis!

i'll be making proper introductions next week!

(i haven't been this excited over a toy since Nemo arrived!!)
*giddy school girl giggle*


  1. Love the kitty cat perching in the tree..but don't think I'd want it in my house.
    I have a HUGE..white-tailed deer (DH's prize) that I call "The Moose" that's hanging in my living room. Figure if I let him have one..then he'll let me hang quilts over the rest of the walls!

  2. Oh how exciting! How did I miss this post??? I have been wanting to know if you got one. I bet that hurt. I can't get it all the way up. I guess I need to keep practicing. I am excited for you!!! You are the only quilter and hunter that I know!!!


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