Greater Atlanta Shop Hop 2010

me and my friend Melanie finished the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop today. it is quite appropriate seeing that today is National Quilting Day...11 shops in two days and putting around 350 miles on the odometer! the weather couldn't of been any better...sunny skies and great warm spring temperatures. Barney even tagged along and behaved better than i could of wished for!

the shop hop theme was "As American as..." and each store had a seperate theme to finish the sentence. bear with me, this will be a photo heavy post....i apologize in advance for forgetting to take pictures of Tiny Stitches and Little Quilt's Shop hop quilts.....(actually- i quilted T.S's quilt posted here....i just couldn't tell you what it was then and L.Q posted a sneak peek pic on their blog)

okay, day one:
1.we started at Tiny stitches who were American as...."popcorn and a movie". they had thier classroom decorated as a theater with "gone with the wind" and "wizard of oz" playing on a TV...the smell of popcorn filled the store adding to the complete atmosphere.

2. on to little quilts where it was as American as a picnic. they had the cutest little bug sculptures decorating the store. it was hard not to buy some of the ant ones...

3.then to red hen for American as the family dog, where i spaced completely out and totally forgot pictures...*sorry*
4. heading northeast to Georgia Quilting and Sewing where it was American as Mark Twain. Mr. Twain was seen stamping passports and i even spied a whitewash bucket sitting in the store. this was the first of two new stores participating in the shop hop....

GA S&Q's shop hop quilt....i was in love with it instantly: green is my favorite color....

(hey mrs. froggy bottom- i thought of you the minute i saw it too)

5. puttering on over to Patchwork Cottage where it was as American as best friends. this is the second of two new stores on the hop, and we were asked to sign a piece of fabric to be incorporated into a quilt for the owner...i doodled on it...

Patchwork cottage's quilt. the owner asked the piecer for an asymetical quilt....i personally like the 'cut off' corner....i've filed that away under the ideas-for-future-quilts folder in my brain....

6. then towards atlanta to intown quilters who were as American as folk art. they were all wearing the shop shirt...darn, i forgot to get one *sarcasm* darn i'll just have to make the trip back and get one later....*grin*

this is just some of the fassett fabric kept in stock....*drool*

7. then out I20 to sweet home quilt co. where ti was American as mom and apple pie. just inside the door was a table with two slices of apple pie complete with glasses of milk. the smell of baking apple pies filled the air...such a comforting and cozy smell..

Sweet home's quilt

8. finally ending day one at Patrick's where it was as American as Walt Disney. They share space inside a feed store and that alone adds to the 'country' feel of it....i played in the buckets that held all the seeds for future gardens, just like when i was a kid and pa-paw and i went to the feed store for tomato plants. they had disney themed stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling...i even spied Nemo swimming around up there...i found him!

patrick's quilt

then day two:
1. starting out at A Scarlet Thread where they were celebrating America with a disco theme. you couldn't help 'getting down' and 'boogieing the night away' defiantly the shop with my favorite soundtrack! everyone was seen wiggling to the funky beats!

complete with a saturday night fever shop hop quilt

2. then to Quilts and Fixings for the wild west...the employees all greeted us with a hardy "howdy" and were all decked out in their cowboy finest. this is the shop i always look forward to visiting, they go all out with decorating for their theme, this year was no disappointment. they had a photo-op wanted poster.
wait- who is that dastardly bandit??? i think the "alive" option is preferred...

3. ending at Heritage Quilts & Fabrics for a big bang with American as the Fourth of July...they were playing fireworks was a fitting end of the hop becasue i felt very american as i left.

Hertiage's very patrotic RW&B shop hop quilt!

a fully stamped passport and another shop hop ends in the record books....*fingers crossed*

a big thank you to all the shops, owners, and employees. a L.O.T. of hard work goes into making this such a fun experience.

i think i'll have to agree with barney....i'm a pooped puppy.....i'll post later with pictures of my 'loot' and i'll announce my blog birthday winner also....


  1. oh fun, fun! I love patrick's shop quilt...heck they're all cool. (my fave part of shop hopping is seeing how they all do the same quilt different. Our local one is in's 4 days but I can only do 2 so I think we can do them's going to be a challenge. (a tuff life, but someone's gotta lead it!) ;)

  2. Looks like you wore the poor dog out......just writing your post!
    The frog is from fatcat patterns, I've had my quilt cut out and partially pieced for months but still haven't finished it.

  3. Oh how fun...thanks for taking me with you but I still have energy.....

  4. bertiequiltsMarch 21, 2010

    okay,I msy have to do this next year...went on it 2 years ago but only got to about half of them....thanks for the pictures...that really made it fun reading all about the hop

  5. Love all the pics.
    Just too bad you missed a picture at that one store ;D

  6. Love that green froggy quilt! Glad you thought of me! How special!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I missed some of the quilts also. It was a great time and the weather was beautiful! You did a great job on the quilt at Tiny Stitches. I love the way you quilted "Admit One" in your quilting scheme. I posted a pic of Red Hen's quilt. I thought it was beautiful. It's posted on my day 3 shop hop entry...2nd quilt under "versions of shop hop quilts" in the body of the blog. I thought it was very different.


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