UFO finished!

i finished up this UFO today. 

it is hand appliqued with my little fried egg flower and my favorite doodle- swirls.

guessed what it is yet?

it's a cover for my LA sketchbook. it's not a pattern, i made it up as i went along.

the reason it took so long to finish was i was figuring out how i wanted to 'carry' my colored pencils. today i figured it out- a zippered pocket on the flap.

the motavation to get it finished is for my LA class next week in NY. as the teacher, i couldn't show up with a plan ole sketchbook now could i? *smirk*


  1. Love your fried egg applique and cover....

  2. That looks great!! Love the fabrics used!

  3. you are going to look so fab with that fancy cover. Your students will be impressed...but after you teach them your stuff they are going to be blown away and won't care how you cart your pattern sketches around! Trust me-you are going to be wonderful; have fun too!

  4. I love it!! Gotta make me one.

  5. That looks terrific!! I think you should make them to sell; I'd buy one...especially if it was filled with your sketches! My books never look that neat and tidy!

  6. You are just too clever aren't ya!
    Love Dory's idea...I would buy one with your sketches in it too! ;0)

  7. I am so excited that you are going teaching. I know you will have a great time!
    I love that little notebook cover--how can one li'l ole person be sew talented!!
    You are amazing, Shannon.

  8. Love the sketchbook cover, and a place to put the colored pencils. Have you thought about teaching at MQS? Your posts on APQS Forum with your "Doodles" are fabulous.

    Sharon D.
    APQS Millennium


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