home for way ward fabric

so here's what i found during shop hop that i felt i just had to give a good home to :) ....(in no particular order)

here's what i bought at Heritage in newnan....nemo fabric and three cool patterns. i could not of lived with myself if i had not gotten the clown fish fabric...

at Quilts n Fixins in jonesborough i found a pup fabric to add to the collection. they are known for their variety of dog fabrics (i could make 60 quilts using only the dog fabrics i have) and a green dot batik that i have actually been looking for...isn't the brown dog 'howling' the cutest! he looks like he's smiling...notice the one sleeping under a quilt?

at Patchwork Cottage i found a nice red/orange batik i liked....and i picked some nice fat1/4s in colors that caught my eye...i will add to them from my stach and do a nice spring colored quilt...

at GA sewing and quilting i found the cutest print with featherweight looking sewing machines (a collection which i kept seeing at the other stores), a nice bright lemon yellow batik which is a color that is hard to find, and an orange background dog fabric coordinate which is also a hard to find color. i also picked up a fat1/4 of that odd batik fabric....

at Sweet Home in conyers i found another nice dog fabric (ok shannon NO more dog fabric....) which i will make into pillow cases. the rust colored fabric will be the cuff. i love the green polka dot french bulldog

at A Scarlett Thread i kinda got carried away...i bought this tunic pattern cause now that i have a serger i want to learn to make some simple patterned clothes for me....melanie said this would be a good pattern to start with. they had a sample in the store and i liked the shape of it.

then i found these homedec weight fabrics and intend to make a tote with it...the lime green dot will be the lining

also i added to my deer fabric stash (yes i am collecting deer fabric), found 3 nice B&W prints, and a nice purple and orange fabric print.

heres the pile with the new plaque sign i got at A Scarlet Thread that sums it all up perfectly...ok now you have to promise: not a peep to davis...


  1. Yep, Shop Hop was BIG fun. I like seeing what ya got. Karmen

  2. Darn. I meant to get the "Material Girl" sign to go on my sewing room door. It's Karmen (again) as you can tell by the picture of my Scooter-dog. Looks like you had a blast.

  3. I'm not peeping a word to anyone, 'cause...HeeHee...I bought as much as you did! YeeHaw, it was fun!!!
    I do wish I had gotten a few of those plaque signs...Sweet Home had a good collection of cute sayings.
    It was good to run into you at one of the stores. My friend said you were sew sweet to pick up that charm and mail it to her.
    Karen...who is all shopped out--(we did all 11 stores on Sat)

  4. I love those "quilty" wooden signs...and the clown fish fabric...oh I'm thinking that would be soo cool for a One Block
    Wonder quilt. I have a one track mind right now since I'm working on one myself, I "see" perfect fabric for them everywhere!

  5. bertiequiltsMarch 21, 2010

    I love that green circle batik also...it would look so good in my projects.....I need to start getting some colors that arent batiks so of course, need to go to some more shops...

  6. love the winky wheeler dog fabric...that'll be a must have for me!

    and I've been looking for a good tunic pattern. look forward to seeing a finished product.


  7. Copycat, copycat! I have that same sign hanging in my sewing room above the thread cabinet! :-)


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