sunshine happy

i don't have much to say's all rainy and dreary outside.

i finished joyce's quilt and droped it off so i can post pictures! enjoy!

okay maybe i do have something short to say, and it'll explain the 'washed' out pictures. see it was the first day we had sunshine in a lllloooonnngggg time. it felt good to stand in it as it came through the i broke all the rules of photography (there's that rule thing again) and snapped these i'm trying to be all artsy with my blog be honest, that's easier said than done. how many different ways can you photo a quilt?? i'm gonna pick a few favorite angles and commit :P


do they make you feel warm and fuzzy like the flower commerical?

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  1. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors, and the quilting is amazing. Great job!



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