what's new and a visitor

so i have been quilting, i'll show those pictures when the quilts are picked up.

i've been working on my blocks for the block swap i'm hosting. there is still plenty of time to participate ....i have 26 swappers sew far....i've been catching sneak peeks, and i'm telling you- you'll be sorry you didn't play along....but there will be another swap, i've already found the next block.....

my friend linda's husband, Dennis, made this for me and i got it from the snailmail man the other day....she playfully called me a 'brat' and i said, "thank you" then i had to come up with some thing clever quickly to make 'brat' an acronym.....my words will be forever immortalized in oak....thank you dennis, i (heart) it! she also sent a book that i found serious LA inspriration in and a huge mylar Nemo balloon....thank you linda! *moose smooch*

i won my first blog giveaway! Em over at Em Celebrates had a little contest to guess what 500th she was celebrating, and i guessed correctly at her celebrating her 500th post. i received a little fabric goodness in the mail today. thank you Em!

and the visitor? ....it was just lucky, but for him to come down to the studio and get comfy on barney's bed and stay a while...that is rare indeed. barney was all to quick to reclaim his bed when lucky went back upstairs to hold the couch down....


  1. Lucky is so sweet.
    Annie will come and visit me downstairs, but not Otis. I think he associates downstairs with bathes!

  2. Another block swap? Wow...you don't have enough to do do ya?!?!

    I am almost done with set 1. Then to pull more fabric.

    Congrats on the blog giveaway...love the fabrics...they should go in a block for your swap quilt.

  3. YOUR WELCOME! The puppy dog eyes were too cute, if I made gloves I would gift to you just for the sweet manipulative canine!!!!


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