wanna play????

i'm hosting a block swap over on the APQS forum, and i'm extending the invitation to you, my faithful blog readers. if you have never participated in one, they are really fun! it's nice to see where your blocks come from when they are returned.

here's the deal:
DEADLINE:  Blocks MUST be at my house by April 30th, 2010. International piecers need to allow 14-20 days for shipping. I do have a PayPal account for return shipping on international packages. I will fill out all the appropriate custom forms...

Colors:  Think the new growth of spring with all the new flower colors!.
-traditional cream/natural colored background-
-bright florals-
-jewel tone coordinates-
-spring greens-

We will be using the February BOM block. this will give us a 'bonnie hunter' type scrappy quilt! the cutting measurements for the flying geese use the 'no waste' method of piecing.

blocks will be 12" finished/ 12 1/2" unfinished/ raw edge.

blocks will be made in sets of 12. if you want more than 12 blocks back, then you are welcome to make more than one set, but each set needs to be made with different fabrics.

the background fabric for all blocks is to be a cream/ traditional natural print (solids are okay). the green will be in the same place in each block for unity in our finished quilts.

these are some examples to inspire you (and tease you) to join....trust me, you'll wished you had later on....:)

Yardage needed for 12 blocks:
Cream Background: 1 ¼ yds
Fabric A: ½ yd (rectangle under the flying goose)
Fabric B: 1/3 yd (points in the flying geese unit)
Fabric C: ¼ yd or a fat quarter (sq-n-sq in the center of the block)
Green: ½ yd

What to do:

Make 12 blocks using the same fabrics for all the blocks. Send me 11 blocks (keep one for yourself) with a self addressed, stamped padded envelope. Please sign your block with you name, state, and year in a subtle way.  After the deadline, I will mail you 11 different blocks in your SASE. If you would like more than 12 total blocks, you are welcome to make more than one set, but each set should have different fabrics.

so, do you wanna play???
any questions you can email me.


  1. I wanna play. I already have my February block done! It was an easy one.

  2. I will play too, I use to do swaps alot, so I would like to start again.

  3. E-mail address w/no spaces/// bounced back error: I want to join... play,play, sew,sew,sew


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