a 'spring' in your quilt

with the winter weather continuing (stupid groundhog) i'm starting to get the spring itch...i'm tired of boots, my toes are ready to wiggle around in my tevas...after my obligational pedi, of course

so jeanne's quilt was a nice precursor to warmer weather! i tried real hard and pretended that it was hot and humid outside...i almost convinced myself it was. i swear i could smell fresh cut grass and i could hear the katydids humming in the twilight....just a couple more months...they are predicting a sweltering heat wave for this weekend- highs in the 50s.....

i'm loving the quilting. it might not to be PC to love your own work, but by golly, i am.  i had that big wide blue border just screaming for a showcase quilting motif....so i put my curly vine in it- perfect! plus my pastel variegated thread coordinated (notice i didn't say 'matched') perfectly without being distracting....i quilted the patchwork with a loopy meander in a salmon pink thread...the backing fabric was the same blue as the border, so the quilting was just as pretty on the back...*sigh* it's the small things in life, huh?

i would like to throw this out there:  i've been seeing on other blogs nice knitted fingerless gloves. i want a pair....in turquoise/lime green hues (i quilt, that's what i do....i can knit, but i can't wrap my head around anything more complex than a scarf)...i'll pay (perhaps a barter could be arranged)

*puppy dog face*

-is it working?-


  1. love the curly vine...drool. I don't knit either...I want to learn but I don't know, I'm left handed and my right hand is sorta just there.

  2. Really pretty quilt. love your curly vine border .

  3. love those feathers! i can knit...but a scarf is about the extent of it for me too! so, there isn't a pair of gloves in the squishy I sent ya! sor--ry.

  4. Love the quilting on the spring quilt.
    Poor puppy looks like he's saying sorry he peed on the rug.

  5. the puppy face is working for me... to bad i don't knit. sorry. cute dog though.

  6. I adore the vine quilting and I do knit...sweaters and afgans. I don't usually finish them, but I do start. *shrug* I've never knitted gloves, wouldn't have a clue how to start. Sorry....

  7. Shannon, my daughter knits those fingerless gloves. I'm trying to talk her into making you a pair.


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