New York, here i come....

watch out, i'm on my way :P

i'll be in the Elizaville, NY area to teach my signature brand of long arm technique and designs. Elizaville is an hour south of Albany and about 2 1/2 hrs north of NYC.

these are design and techniques classes that do not pertain to a particular brand of machine.

to see my style of quilting, you can visit my flickr slideshow. all my quilting is done free motion with no computerized designs.

Saturday March 27th 9am – 4pm (one hour lunch break) $150

Quilting the Doodlebug way:
This is a confident beginner to intermediate level class, but all experience levels are welcome.

Get out from behind the machine and face the needle! Learn how I ‘see’ a quilt and incorporate simple free motion quilting motifs in a unique way to produce a custom quilted quilt. We will discuss many designs for blocks, borders, and sashings as well as how to personalize the quilting for particular themed quilts. After this class, you will feel confident when your clients say "Just do whatever, I trust you." Bring quilts for discussion if time allows. Not a hands on class. Workbook provided, supply list will be emailed

Sunday March 28th 10am-2pm $85
Feathers the Doodlebug way
This is a confident beginner to intermediate level class, but all experience levels are welcome.

I will show you how easy it really is to quilt those mouthwatering feathers. We will discuss the learning curve for feathers and the foolproof no-backtrack technique. I will show you how to use 'training wheels' to perfect your feathers. This class will be a definite confidence builder. Not a hands-on class. Sketch book required, some handouts. Supply List will be emailed.

Classes must be paid for in full to guarantee a seat. No Refunds after March 1st.

Contact me for more info.....half_square @ (remove spaces)


  1. oh the lucky longarmer's in NY--
    they're in for a a treat. Here's wishing you the best in those classes and more to come for you if that's where you want to go.

  2. Have fun on your teaching trip. You are so good, those folks are lucky!

  3. Have you thought about teaching through MQR? They were looking for teachers. I would love to take your classes just not able to go to New York.


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