*happy pants dance*

i just heard on the radio that "project runway" will start THIS thursday at 8:00 on the lifetime channel! yeah! i hated bravo's "fashion show" blah blah blah! you can't have competitive sewing without heidi clum's german accent....DUH!

i wonder if this has anything to do with nina garcia's leaving elle and moving to marie claire? and you know that heidi is pregnant again....oh, i already see tons of gossip!!!! and drama! i can't wait...is it thursday yet?

so expect to see post on fridays about the show! (along with 'frame fridays')

if you haven't yet- hop on over to here for a chance to win the red dog food tote....the drawing is next week!....also read some of the comments. there are some great (creative) names for quilt shops....

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