dresden plate

it's a stack and whack dresden plate! it's HAND pieced (people still do that :) ) by the patient charolette m.

she had started hand quilting it and i saw what designs she startedwith, and adapted the idea to my quilting....

i know she'll like it. i hope anyway :) it was suppose to have feathers in the background, but it just didn't look/feel right....so i used a leaf meander which fits the feel of the quilt
now i'm not much into flowers, cause i'm not (self proclaimed) girly. so flowers don't always pop into my head as a first go-to motif. the quilt usually has to scream "I WANT FLOWERS" to get flowers, but this one just seemed to need it. it was appropriate.

it'll be in the show next month (is it just me or this a running theme lately :) ) i'm quilting like a mad woman trying to keep up with deadlines...not complaining i swear....

oh- i have a really really distant sideline/tip: i have long hair and constantly wear it in a pony tail. well, i went to put it up the other day and my elastic holder snapped...so you know me, i hate to throw anything away, so i just tossed it on the counter and grabbed another one and went on with my day. (there's a tip i promise) so i was looking through my patterns for something and i noticed i had a tote pattern that had a button with an elastic loop for closing. it caught my attention cause the elastic was white and i thought that it would of been cool if they could of found elastic to match the tote (purple) then it hit me like a ton of bricks!!: use a pony tail holder instead of elastic! i know pure genius right? they come in tons of different colors and are relatively inexpensive and you can find them anywhere really (including my favorite place: the dollar store) thinking outside the box once again....and people want to pick my brain, it gets scary in there.....i should know....


  1. What a pretty quilt and that's a great tip!

  2. That is a great tip. Don't you just love those "light bulb" moments?
    The quilt is lovely too- Kind of traditional with a twist. Your quilting will be all over that show. Prepare to get busier!

  3. You're sure one busy lady!

  4. My loops are there!! Yours look so much better! Great job on the quilt--can't believe she's a hand piecer!

  5. found this pink dresden from pinterest, and just had to look you up.

    I had the same lightbulb moment a couple of years ago with the elastic, except I had some samples of coloured elastic ties for packaging. Then I started using hair ties. oh the colours!

    and my 2 cent tip: the thicker size hair elastics are good for large buttons, and think of the possiblities of 1/4" headbank elastic!

    off to explore your blog.

  6. oops typo: headband

  7. I love concept of a stack and whack Dresden plate quilt, but I have been unable to find the pattern. Do you know who carries it?


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