give away time!!!

to celebrate my 100th post, i have decided to give something away! yeah, my what am i giving away? i'm giving away this lovely RED dogfood bag tote! i made it, ya know :) so you can have an idea of how useful this will be it's measurements are: 17 inches wide, 12 inches tall, 7 inches deep, and straps that measure 24 inches....i will ship to whoever cool is that!!! being a tote diva- i can assure you it's a nice versatile size.

okay, but it's not going to be that easy. i want something in return (there's always a catch *wink*) i want you to answer this question:

if you opened a quilt store, what would you name it and why?

so now all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your answer and i'll randomly (using a random number generator) pick a lucky winner....let's see, a bout one you have until August 23rd, 2009....make sure you leave a way for me to contact you so if you win...only comments with an answer to the question's only fair.

i look forward to reading the answers...this is exciting, i'm already having fun! and an empty tote is so forlorn, so it might have some extra 'goodies' in it....


  1. I would name it the Village Quilt Shop. I just like the sound of it and picture lots of fun things going on inside.

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    The Dresden Place!
    no i am not sure why exactly, it's just a name that has always stuck in my head! Well that and i love the Dresden Plate pattern!

  3. Okay, I'm giving you both names that have been under consideration. First, if my friends and I open a shop here in Quincy, it will have the exciting name of ... "Quincy Quilts." More a statement than anything. If I end up doing a store on my own, it will obviously be "Crazy Horse Quilting," like my business. I couldn't open a shop without naming it after the best horse in the world...Elly. There you have it...

    Cool bag...I love the RED!

  4. Catawampus:

    Because it's okay not to have perfect piecing as long as the block is square, or round, or whatever shape you want it to be. And, b/c I like the sound of it.

  5. The Calico Cat - not sure why, maybe because I have a HUGE collection of cat prints & patterns.

  6. I tried to open a quilt shop years ago and the name would have been "Sew Much More".

  7. If I opened a shop with fabric and goodies it would be Shipyard Quilts because the building I'm in wasthe office for the ship-builders that were here until 1920.

    My quilting business is The Crafty Unicorn because unicorns have always been my good luck charm and "crafty" gives me more options than just quilts (but who needs more than quilts!)

    Love the bag by the way.

  8. I was going to go with "Wild Goose Chase" when starting my LA business--but went with our farm name instead!! Also my DH thought that my LA would be a wild goose chase and end up costing him money--but it is ending up earning him money instead!!!

  9. AnonymousJuly 28, 2009

    i would name my shop kellyb quilting because that is what my husband that passed away called me

  10. AnonymousJuly 28, 2009

    i would name my shop kellyb quilting because that is what my first husband used to call me before he died 770-466-1483

  11. Well I think I would have to think about it some, but first off "The Warm and Cozy Quilt Shop" comes to mind. I know it sound like a tea shop, but that is okay, because if I did this and its been on the burner for years it would have a tea and sandwich place within...not only a place to sew, but to have friends over for tea. I mean real tea....and tiny petties.

  12. Hey Shannon,,, We quilters are known for our crazy sense of humor, so perhaps you could name your quilt shop "Fabriholics Anonymous" What do you think about that one??? LOL!

    Shana Clay on the APQS chat...lives in North Pole, Alaska

  13. "Spread the Thread" We as LA Quilters spread the threads on our quilts, in our blogs and on the forums.

    Liam1964 APQS

  14. Hi! Love your blog and your work! You're such an inspiration to me... My brand new just started business is called "Quilted Comfort". Simple, inviting and easy to remember... at least for me! I hope to have a longarm within a year or two. In the meantime I make quilts on my Diamond and Pfaff and fmq them. Love it!!! brok

  15. Hi Shannon~ My sister and I opened our quilt shop a year ago and decided on the name
    "Na-La's Quiltique".
    My sisters name is NAni and I am
    LAura and we both loved QUILTing and antIQUE-ing. we put it all together and our name was Born.
    When I started Longarming, I called my Business,
    "Out~Back Quilting"
    So as not to confuse me with Quilters from Austrailia, I added, "Not Down Under, Just Out Back!!"
    The reason behind the name is,...
    Whenever someone called the house for me, My husband would always say, "She's Out-Back Quilting!"
    (My home studio is Out Back)

    Laura Farnham

  16. abigaile1@msn.comAugust 13, 2009

    It should be: Creativity Central, Doodlebug Designs, no, no, wait, it's Finely quilted, wait, wait, its Finally quilted, noo, it's,
    Quilts R U, Quilts R US, The Creative Quilter, The Quilter Creates,

    How many chances do I get for each idea, or should I post each one individually>????

    Just helping here. Let me know. I wannawin! Please. The problem with a quilt shop is that you'd get folks like me in it.

  17. I would name it "Two Wacky Women" the name of my partners and my business.

  18. abigaile1@msn.comAugust 19, 2009

    The Quilters Stash
    Metro Quilter
    Dog Gone Quilt Store
    Georgia Peach Quilt Store
    Southern Quilter
    Stash Basher Quilt Store

  19. A quilt shop in GA should have the name "Peach" somewhere in the title.
    "Just Peachy Quilt Shop"
    "Peachy Keen Quilt Shop"
    "Sweeter than a GA Peach" QS
    or just "Peaches and Cream" QS

    I love RED and Peaches.
    Darlene Sforza - MO


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