summer time wall hanging

i have been make great progress on my birds of a feather quilt, but hit a what-to-do-next wall. so i dug this little wall hanging out to work on it. it's all the things i associate with summer. i have finished appliqueing the fence, added the two blue birds and butterflies, then last night i did the daisies. isn't it looking just cute? i'm working on how to get strawberries and peaches on it....also- i'm thinking a flag looking design needs to be on it.... (also, i need some glow-in-the-dark paint. i'm going to put lightening bugs on it)

i started this, i think, last year when ECQG hosted pat sloan for a class. i took her color class, and this was the project. i'm a big fan of mrs. sloan. i'm pretty sure i have all of her know the tulip quilt, it's one of her patterns. i also like piece o cake designs as well...

here's a question: see the orange butterflies? are they too cute-sy to add to the birds of a feather quilt?

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