where have all the quilts gone?

nemo is being pissy lately and i haven't really quilted anything, but i have been making progress on my birds of a feather quilt. to remind you, this is the quilt that kept me up til 3am last week cause it finally spoke to me where it wanted to go next. you'll notice alot of paper drawings have been turned into actual applique blocks. i'm not liking the light turq orange peel block in the upper right hand corner, that'll go soon and be replaced. i'm thinking i'll redo the little block in the bottom right corner...the one with the weird crab claw orange flower...hopefully this week i'll find some free time to piece all the four-patch setting strips, that'll make it look more complete on the design wall....all in all, i'm liking it...you should see the block that i designed that won't be in the quilt....i'm thinking a pillow. i'll have that be a tutorial and freebie pattern one day soon....it really is nice- you'll see...

also, this was posted on one of my chat forum for longarming....it's a transformer called 'longarm' i might have to get one. check out the character description:
This Transformers Movie Deluxe Longarm figure just wants to help. Whether it's hauling a stuck car out of a ditch or providing cover fire for a flanking action, as long as he's providing assistance to others you'll see a big grin on his face. That is what being an Autobot is all about: helping, saving and protecting others. Longarm just doesn't get the evil-minded Decepticons. They all seem so selfish and mean-spirited. It doesn't make sense to him why anyone would want to live like that. To help serve and protect, Longarm is equipped with a Quagma cannon with a firing missile in robot mode.

doesn't it sound like quilters in general....Nemo better be glad i'm not equipped with a quagma cannon, i might of been tempted to use it last week....

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