i got mail!

royal mail to be exactly (i told davis i was royalty)

it was a package from scotland. it contained two thimbles (now i have scottish thimbles, i'll post my thimble collection one day- it's international) and a tin of mints with a red squirrel on it . thanks to linzi for the cool gifts. it's nice to get quilty mail, instead of bills...

see, linzi lives in scotland and owns APQS machine. there is an after market part that makes LAing much easier that is available here in the states, but the suppliers charge an arm and a leg to ship outside the U.S. so i offered to have it sent to my house, then i mailed it to linzi. so this is what she sent me for my 'troubles' (it was NO trouble at all, there's not much i won't do to help out a fellow quilter)

the moral: american quilters don't realize how nice we have it....do you know most international quilters can only get fabric ONLINE!!! they can't hop in their cars and be-bop down to the nearest LQS.

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