Happy Thanksgiving!!

Do you have any turkeys going cheap??

No, all our turkeys go 'gobble gobble'

tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the states and boy is it cold *brrr* it even snowed last night *wth?*

i picked a winner in the Name Game Giveaway: Axel, but that was an anonymous commenter, so my next favorite name was ZENA! so Marls, email (half_square (at) hotmail (dot) com ) your addie to me and i'll get your book in the mail after the holiday!!


  1. Wow that is fantastic Shannon-THANK YOU. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Shannon, sending Thanksgiving wishes your way! Just wish DH could be there with you. How much longer until he will be home?

    Glad that your healing is going well and that you finally have some new wheels.

    Keep taking care of yourself!


  3. Hey! Hope your Thanksgiving was nice and you're having a good December. We've got a crazy cold snap right now - was minus 17 at 5 am!


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