getting back in the saddle

had a bone doctor appointment couple weeks ago and he told me that i could return to 'normal' activities. "If it hurts, stop doing it" (well *duh*)
you don't have to tell me twice!!

armed with a new bolt of batting i quilted five of my own quilts and i feel that getting back to client quilts is coming very soon!!


this is my pansy quilt made from blocks won way back in August 2011 from the block lotto..... crap, that long ago *slacker*

well this top is probably older than that... it's made from a LQS's BOM's blocks in my fabrics from when we first moved to cobb county...2007/2008  *wow*

i wanted to see what a monochromatic quilt would look like and i wanted to challenge myself- so i choose brown.  *shrug* not all ideas are legendary

i call it chocolate covered strawberries. Why? cause i backed it with this cute strawberry fabric.

i like that polka dot fabric in the reminds me of the dress Julia Roberts wore in 'Pretty Woman' at the polo match.

then there's this little's probably older than both the previous tops. it's another one of those i-wonder-what-if quilts. didn't exactly come out like i thought, so i tried a new idea for quilting that i have seen- dense straight lines.

now this one came out fine! it's a flimsy inspired by a book that i helped quilt some samples for, but wasn't needed in the book itself.

mmmm, pebbles...

the other one is a gift that can't be shared just yet... *shhhh*

so 5 tops made the permanent move from flimsy on a hanger to a quilt folded on the shelf!!

now you'll have to excuse me, i have a crapload of binding to do.


  1. I am glad you are cleared to go back to normal duty. It must be nice. Your quilts are great. I love the chocolate covered strawberries!! Very cleaver!!

  2. Good for you! I'm so glad you are back in gear!

  3. What a happy day! And the quilts look really great!

  4. The quilts are fabulous and glad you are back!

  5. So glad to see you back in the saddle again and posting about it! Come see us!

  6. Great to see you ba k on the machine. I love the look of the orange and teal quil.

  7. Glad that you are back at it again. Boy you are fast. I really need to work on my speed at longarming!

  8. Good to hear that you are able to quilt again. I know you really missed it. Your quilts are beautiful. You have your work cut out for you now with all that binding. Please bring the quilts for show and tell if you come to the evening guild meeting this month. I want to see and touch up close. :)

  9. Yay! Glad things are getting back to normal. Your really did leap back into the saddle. The pansy (aka violet) lotto block quilt is gorgeous. I hope you'll share a photo of it on block so everyone can enjoy it and we'll have it in the gallery.

    Onward! I'm sure your customers are especially happy that you're back!


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