Quilting On the Go

 my friend Jessica wrote a book....

..and i kindda helped!

if you've ever wanted to try english paper piecing (EPP) this is a good book to pick up!! it's like a bible for EPP. it's a GREAT book for the beginner as it covers everything you need to know, i mean everything!  

there's also a huge EPP online community- blogs, SALs, and Flickr groups.

i like to EPP cause it is such an easy take-along project. all the supplies will fit in a small make up bag sized pouch. i can throw it my purse and off i go.

i quilted two quilts for jess-
the Falling Stars baby quilt which i don't seem to have taken any pictures of *crap*

and her famous traveling star quilt.
it has lots of beauty shots in the book.
jess asked that the white stars be quilted to look like snowflakes. *DONE*

i also quilted lesly's star quilt.
go check out her blog post about it too!

it had the cutest yellow effiel tower print. i wish i could find some. anyone know a source?

i also pieced the little pacman-pill sample. i plan on hand quilting it so jess can use it for her trunk shows! in my haste to get it done, some of the angles of the diamonds went the wrong direction (see the the blue pill right under the spine of the book? *oops*), so they fixed it with PhotoShop for the book....oh, if only it was that easy to fix mistakes in the real world *giggle*

the book is available for preorder on Amazon. if you live in England, you're lucky- it's already available to purchase!


  1. It looks like you helped a LOT. I just finished my first EPP project ... and I already know there will be more in my future.

  2. Thanks Shannon! Pulling the book together wouldn't have been possible without your help (and I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to quilt my quilts either!)


  3. How fun to help out with something you are so good at - congratulations on everything of yours included in the book.

  4. Wow, very cool. Gorgeous quilting! Congrats on having your work published!


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