never say never

i've never really had a need to quilt a feathered wreath on a quilt cause, well, it's the whole round-peg-square-hole thing. so i haven't....i take that back- i did once on a quilt of mine and instantly hated it.

well, i found a quilt that a feathered wreath fits just fine.

so, ladies and germs- write this day down :) it took 6 years but

i quilted a feathered wreath

well, actually two. everyone deserves a friend.

and FYI- Joann's has packaged batting 50% off online. i don't know if it's a store sale as well or how long the sale lasts, but i know there's a coupon code for free shipping for orders over $50...


  1. That feathered wreath looks awesome!! Great job!

  2. It sure does look just perfect for that spot - good job. I was just at Joann's and noticed the package batting on sale at 50% off.

  3. So what batting do you buy from Joann's? Why do you like it? For the price?


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